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Hand painted flower initial

An ideal present for new arrivals, christenings, and birthdays. Please email me at if you would like to place an order or alternatively use the form at the bottom of the page.

£35 black and white or £58 with the hand painted finish. Prices include the frame, complimentary gift wrapping and UK delivery.


Framing & posting

Choose from a black or white box frame. The picture can be gift wrapped and posted directly to the recipient. I can also write a personal note on your behalf if you wish. Please allow 4-8 working days to receive your order. 

Printing & painting

I have made an alphabet of letters using my flower and insect drawings. Choose up to 3 initials that are printed especially for you. You can have the flowers and insects hand painted. The insect wings are finished with a pearly sheen.

Name *
1 letter looks great and 3 is the maximum.
Either a black and white print (£35) or hand painted with colour (£58)
The box frame has a pane of glass which will be swapped for perspex if posted internationally.
Delivery address and preferred date. Please allow 4-8 working days to receive your order. An express service is available - please ask.
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This information really helps me run my business - Thank you!